Kendall Jenner said that she has psychological problems

February 23, 2018

Model Kendall Jenner shared her psychological problems with the reality show “The Kardashian Family”. The girl said that since childhood she suffers from hypochondria. She is also afraid to go out alone, because she thinks she is being harassed, and does not lead social networks for the same reason. It is especially difficult for her to have days when fashion weeks pass. At this time, Jenner works a lot, which…


Sharon Stone told about her deadly illness: “Doctors said that the chance to survive is only 5 percent”!

January 17, 2018

On the eve of the release of the new series “Mosaic” directed by Stephen Spielberg, Sharon Stone gave a candid interview in which she talked about health problems. The 59-year-old star plays the main role in the series, and the premiere became the occasion for the conversation of the actress with journalists of the CBS channel. Sharon remembered how she suffered a brain hemorrhage – this happened on September 29,…


How it was Selena Gomez said details about the operation on kidney transplantation

November 8, 2017

On the air of NBC, Selena Gomez, with tears in her eyes, gave her first interview with her savior friend, who gave her an organ. The donor of her kidney is called France Rice, she is an American actress, known for her role in the series “Secretly from Parents.” Girls are associated with a 9-year friendship, it is also known that Selena and France call each other sisters. See the…