Olga Buzova thanked the secret admirer for another gift

March 2, 2018

The host of the show “House 2” Olga Buzova after parting with the ex-husband has not yet begun to build a new relationship. However, she was credited with an affair with Timur Batrutdinov, with Timofey Mayorov. But there is someone third, about whom so far no one knows. Buzova herself officially none of the options does not confirm only takes courtship. Recently she received as a gift a luxurious ring…


The Rasmus appreciated the work of Olga Buzova

March 1, 2018

It’s now fashionable to show Russian artists the clips to foreign performers and watch their reaction while watching it. This time, the popular band “The Rasmus” was invited to watch the clip of Olga Buzova under the song “Malo polovin”. The video pleasantly surprised the musicians. In their opinion, this is one of the successful Russian clips, which reminded them of some feature film… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (9)  


Olga Buzova returned to the former boyfriend

February 26, 2018

The singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova, who was credited with romantic relationships with Timur Batrutdinov, appeared to have renewed her connection with ex-boyfriend Timofey Mayorov. In a recent interview, she said that if they had met now, they would never have parted. Buzova also noted that Mayorov always behaved like a real man and after the break-up never spoke of her badly. Olga realized that people need to be…


Olga Buzova, smiling, listened to all the unpleasant jokes about herself

February 23, 2018

Olga Buzova is invited to various programs of TNT. Her next visit took place on the transfer of “Prozharka”. At this show, comedians joke about the work, the personal life of invited stars. The first “pear” for the stand-up was Buzova. Humorists touched on her relationship, divorce from her ex-husband, “Dom-2”, but Olga accepted them all with a smile on her face. And when the host was able to respond…