Britney Spears will pay her ex-husband 40 thousand dollars every month

October 10, 2018

Britney Spears gave birth to two sons from dancer Kevin Federline. After the divorce due to the malicious lifestyle of the singer, the court left the children to the father. Now the singer pays him alimony every month, not counting other expenses for boys. If earlier the sum was 20 thousand dollars, now Kevin demands to triple the alimony, since he cannot provide the sons at the highest level… VIEW…


Anastasia Volochkova reunion with her ex husband

October 2, 2018

Anastasia Volochkova and Igor Vdovin parted ways many years ago, and at some point the relationship between the former spouses noticeably cooled: in 2015 the businessman married the rock singer Varya Demidova, and the ballerina at the time claimed that she had not been interested in her daughter father’s life for a long time… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (9)


Anfisa Chekhova told about the betrayals of ex-husband

February 27, 2018

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova is already a free woman, preferring at this stage of life to pay more attention to her son and career. She lived with her ex-husband for 7 years. And after the divorce, she told that her husband was cheating on her. However, Anfisa does not lament over this. She explained that treason for her is an ambiguous thing. If a man does not give you time,…


The court ordered Kurt Cobain’s daughter to pay monthly alimony monthly to her ex-husband

December 6, 2017

Daughter of the leader of the group Nirvana Kurt Cobain, Francis Bean officially divorced from her husband – musician Isaiah Silva, reports TMZ. At the same time, according to the documents, currently the property is not divided and payments to lawyers are not agreed. One of the items for active disputes between spouses is the acoustic guitar Kurt Cobain Martin D-18E in 1959, which, according to Silva, he has the…