David Beckham’s former son-in-law fraud earned $ 1 million on his behalf

October 10, 2018

Darren Flood, former husband of Louise Adams, Victoria Beckham’s sister, opened a business selling rare earth elements. He was looking for rich people who are willing to invest in his company. In order to attract as much investment as possible and appear more solid, the man told people that he was David’s son-in-law, and the football player known to the whole world supports his initiatives… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (9)


David Beckham “annealed” in the company of young beauties

March 18, 2018

Recently, David Beckham puzzles his fans: he is not the first time allows himself to spend time in the company of young models, openly flirting with them. Nevertheless, until recently, David positioned himself as the faithful husband of his wife Victoria and the caring father of four children. Beckham once again gave an occasion to talk about his behavior during his recent visit to South Africa… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS…