A woman from America found a snapshot of Nessie in Google panoramas

October 10, 2018

Lisa Stout lives in America and loves to look through Google panorama to other cities and countries. Therefore, she flipped through pictures of the legendary lake in Scotland and came across an incredible find three years ago. Lisa found a photo that clearly shows the Lochh-Ness monster, or rather its long neck. The expert on Nessie, who collects all the information proving her existence, is sure that this is a…


Jennifer Aniston getting ready to marry a woman

June 12, 2018

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston will star in the political comedy First Ladies. The actress will play the first woman to become president of the United States. According to the plot of the serial movie from Netflix, the heroine of Aniston will have an unconventional sexual orientation… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (9)


A woman noticed a ghost in her daughter’s crib

March 13, 2018

A resident of England Bonnie Moore, like any other mother, decided to buy a baby monitor to know that her baby is safe. One night, waking up to drink water, she looked at the screen and was shocked. Next to her babe lay something and looked into the camera. Since Moore never puts a daughter to sleep with toys, she is sure that this is not a doll. Just in…


A terrible sight: a woman cut off her finger and made a pendant

March 5, 2018

In Britain there are many interesting and diverse people. What would at least somehow draw attention to others and wind up the number of subscribers in social networks 30-year-old Torza Reynolds decided to begin modifying her body. Having done tattoos and piercings all over her face, the woman realized that this is not enough for the people’s interest. Then she decided to resort to harsh methods. Torza cut off her…