Americans create a car that requires refueling every 100 years

September 29, 2018

Laser Power Systems (LPS) from Connecticut is developing a new propulsion system using one of the densest materials known in nature: thorium. Because it has an extreme density, the thorium can produce incredible volumes of heat. Now the company is experimenting with small pieces of material capable of creating a laser beam that heats water, generates steam and rotates a mini turbine… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (9)


In Australia, caught a snake, the poison of which is capable of killing more than 100 people

January 18, 2018

The snake from the Australian park has broken a record of virulence. It’s about the snake of Whiplash. Scientists have calculated that in one of its bites contains more than three grams of poison, which is enough to kill more than 100 people, writes The Daily Mail. The reptile can reach two and a half meters in length, in one its bite the amount of poison is twice as large…