“Yes, I’m slim and I do not shave my armpits”: Mila Jovovich showed how she looks at home

Recently, 42-year-old Mila Jovovich increasingly makes her subscribers happy with family photos, which shows relatives and their everyday life. So, on one of the last selfies, the actress captured herself and her two daughters on a walk. “It is a paradise! Going to the park with your children is the most wonderful way to spend time together, to see how they play, and to watch how the eldest cares for the youngest. I know that some of you do not like it when I talk about politics, so I apologize in advance – you can just stop reading it. My thoughts are now with all the migrants on our border, whose reality is now completely different from mine,” Mila wrote under the photo. “The United States is a dream for most people from all over the world. The Promised Land, where we can realize our dreams and make the life of our children better. That is why my family moved here in the 80s. To give me a better life. To his child… (read more)


Картинки по запросу мила йовович показала свои подмышки

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