This is must be seen: the giraffe who escaped from the mouth of a crocodile was eaten by lions

Giraffes are pretty sweet and harmless animals. But they often fall prey to predators. American photographer Mario Paul went to Africa to learn more about the life of giraffes. By hiring an experienced man, they quickly found a whole herd of long-necked animals. Among the flock stood one giraffe, which for some reason could not stand on its feet. Looking closer, the men noticed that the legs of a poor giraffe are in the mouth of a crocodile. Long but, stubbornly resisting the giraffe, still broke free from the mouth of the crocodile. But literally in 10 minutes on a giraffe with a leg bitten by a lion. As a result, the giraffe became an easy prey for the whole lion family… (read more)



Картинки по запросу крокодил напал на жирафа

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