The other side of the Maldives, about which no one told for the tourists

The fabulous Maldives are visited daily by thousands of tourists, giving residents not only an opportunity to earn, but also carrying a trail of serious inconveniences.
Tourists leave behind mountains of garbage, and until recently the government of the Maldives did not particularly bother about it. For the garbage dump was chosen one of the Maldives islands, at which hundreds of thousands of tons of wastes, including toxic ones, were brought. The island of Thilafushi, located seven kilometers from the capital – namely, it was chosen as a Maldivian landfill – was soon unable to contain all the garbage, and the waste disposal to it was suspended.






Картинки по запросу 9. Обратная сторона Мальдив, о которой туристам не рассказывают

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