The most memorable wedding of the outgoing year!

This year there were many star marriages, but the most impressive was the wedding of the Queen of Swarovski Crystals herself! 23-year-old Victoria Swarovski is a famous Austrian singer, and her groom is a real estate businessman Vernea Mutz, who is 17 years older than the chosen one. The couple has already checked their love with long-term relationships, besides, there is no gain in their marriage, since both are rich enough, so it was easy for them to turn their long-awaited day into a luxurious fairy tale. The bride’s outfit cost the couple not a little, but one million US dollars. It was decorated with 500 thousand Swarovski crystals and weighed 46 kilograms. The 9-meter train was carried by five people. The solemn hall was completely covered with crystals and all guests received luxurious decorations from the famous brand. Numerous guests were entertained by world celebrities and the bride herself, who, apart from her own songs, performed the hot dance of Flamenco. The celebration was held in Italy and lasted three days. See photos of a truly brilliant couple!




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