The girl with a mocking nickname skunk to spite everybody became a model

Today on the podium is a new star a 21-year-old American Rebecca Hegard. She is not just beautiful. A black girl has a rare disease. Rebecca was born with white spots on her head, stomach, and legs. The disease is called piebaldism or partial albinism. Sites of skin and hair with this syndrome do not have pigmentation. The mother of the model and other ancestors had only one white strand of hair. For the first time pigmentation on the skin appeared only in Rebecca. As the British media talk about the model, she was very complex in childhood, because all the children mocked her. To hide a rare pathology, Hergard tried to paint over her stains with brown lipstick. Classmates mockingly called her skunk. Rebecca all these years embarrassed her appearance, she was sure that she was terribly ugly. She was afraid to think about going to the beach. Let’s look at a photo of an unusual model… (read more)


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