Sharon Stone told about her deadly illness: “Doctors said that the chance to survive is only 5 percent”!

On the eve of the release of the new series “Mosaic” directed by Stephen Spielberg, Sharon Stone gave a candid interview in which she talked about health problems. The 59-year-old star plays the main role in the series, and the premiere became the occasion for the conversation of the actress with journalists of the CBS channel. Sharon remembered how she suffered a brain hemorrhage – this happened on September 29, 2001. According to the artist, the illness turned her whole life – doctors miraculously brought her back from the other world. The doctors then warned the star that her chances of surviving a hemorrhagic stroke are only 5 percent.

“When a blood vessel burst in my head, I saw a gigantic flash of light that began to suck me,” Stone said. “It was as if I flew out of my body and began to see the deceased friends and other people who, during my lifetime, were very kind to me. I was somewhere in between the two worlds. Suddenly something happened, a boom – and I returned to my body… (read more)


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