Pregnant girl from England almost blinded making eyelash extension

Englishwoman Louise Ball used to extended her eyelashes and did cosmetic procedures in one salon for three years. When the girl again wanted to bring beauty, she decided to go to the nearest salon, so as not to go through the heat and hurt the baby, because she was pregnant. Louise sensed something was wrong, when the master did the procedure for a long time, and during the removal of the glue, she felt a burning. The next morning, Ball barely opened her eyes and realized that her right eye could not see at all, and in the left only a haze. The doctors prescribed her medicine, but when it did not help, they put her in the hospital. Now Louise restored her eyesight, but she remained without eyelashes. According to the Englishwoman, she was afraid that she would not see her child any moreā€¦ (read more)


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