Natasha Koroleva acquitted her husband after gossips of divorce

Around Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergey Glushko, serious passions flared up again. In their surrounding there are rumors that the star couple is on the verge of parting. It all because of the frank videos on the Internet, on which Tarzan in negligee dance with unknown women. Natasha Koroleva already knows what happened. Natasha confessed that during the years of her life together she had become accustomed to not reacting to such things. “On the Internet, a huge amount of everything that concerns our family,” says the actress. “As a rule, it’s illegal! My husband is on his hobby as a striptease artist.” What is a striptease? “He assumes exposure on stage, my husband and I are 17 together. Believe me, I have not reacted to anything for a long time. ”


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