Matt Damon dropped George Clooney’s children on the floor during the show

Confusion happened right on the air of the talk show. George was the guest star this evening. The audience was surprised when Matt Damon appeared in the studio with a stroller. Clooney’s friend said that he brought his children to show the whole country.According to Matt, he often helps spouses with scions and sometimes-even remains with them as a baby sitter. Getting the kids – one was wrapped in a pink diaper, the other in a blue – the star of the movie “The Martian” dropped them on the floor and began to show obscene gestures to Jimmy and George. At that time, the audience jumped in horror, trying to see how Ella and Alexander were there.It turns out that indifferent Americans were grasped the hearts without reason – at the stroller dolls lay down. Damon and Clooney agreed in advance to arrange a rally to wean curious onlookers to poke their noses into their personal lives. So friends have a specific sense of humor.
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