Ksenia Sobchak admitted why she ran away from her wedding with a billionaire

13 years ago Ksenia Sobchak was to become the wife of billionaire Alexander Shusterovich. Everything was ready for the triumph. However, at the very last moment Sobchak decided to cancel the wedding. According to Sobchak, at that time she had a job that brought her a lucrative income. And she understood that if she got married now, then her activities would not matter. And she just needed a job, shooting. Then the girl preferred a month of work and traveling around Moscow to rest in Saint-Tropez. After living a long time daughter of a famous father, she did not want to be just the wife of a famous person. And after 8 years, Sobchak married Maxim Vitorgan, they had a son, Platon… (read more)


Картинки по запросу ксения собчак

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