Julia Nachalova’s silicone breast bleeding in the plane

Julia had an operation and remained for three months in America, where she was periodically checked by doctors, because she felt some discomfort. However, doctors assured her that this happens, say, the individual reaction of the body. Nevertheless, things demanded the presence of Nachalova in Russia, and she flew to Moscow. In flight, Nachalova became ill: she had fever, discomfort in her chest. Julia went into the room with a mirror, examined her breasts and saw the terrible. “Everything is bleeding,” the singer said shortly, not wanting to go into details. At the airport, the star immediately changed the ticket to the opposite and again flew to the US. In flight, the girl got fever the heat began. In the clinic where she was given mammoplasty, Nachalova was immediately sent to the surgeon’s desk and performed an operation. They had to remove implants… (read more)


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