It became known who the ex-wife of Vladimir Putin was in her youth! This we did not expect!

Lyudmila Putina is a strong person who attracts attention to herself, but not because she is the former spouse of Vladmir Putin. The former first lady of Russia is from Kaliningrad. She lived in a postal worker’s family and a cashier’s convoy. Parents raised their daughter in strictness, from childhood accustomed to discipline and housekeeping. Maiden name of Lyudmila Putina – Shkrebneva. It was under this name knew classmates and colleagues at work. After graduating from secondary school No. 8 in 1975, Lyudmila began to work as a postal worker in the local liaison office, and after that, she already went to the plant as a student. In the life of the future first lady of Russia, there were other professions…


Картинки по запросу людмила путина

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