How to choose the right carpet?

Winter is in full swing, and in many countries, it is anomalously cold at all. Therefore, it is worth reviewing your interior and being ready for any attacks of nature, waiting for its quirks in a warm and cozy nest. So, that the house became a warm and comfortable place, except furniture in it there should be different accessories. Comfort and warmth in our house are carpeted. Carpeting – one of the oldest inventions for decorating floors and home heating. Agree to the foot is much nicer to tread on the delicate silk, rather than on the tile coating. If you want to visually enlarge the room, use carpets with bright colors and diagonal images. A carpet of more than 2.5 meters is not recommended because all attention will be focused on it. In the corridor, it is best to choose a carpet with a rubber base. This carpet will serve you longer, and will not slip. Let’s look at photos of popular variants!… (read more)



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