Have you ever thought about what the burden of glory is?

In fantasies, this is the desire of many creative personalities, but in reality it is not so pleasant. Imagine, every your exit to the street, whether it’s a social event, shopping or just a walk, you are followed by a bunch of people with cameras and they captures all the movements. The first days it maybe seems exciting, but over the years this pressure begins to exert a destructive effect on the psyche. And these endless going outs and red carpets, do you think they are not associated with stress? Then you are deeply mistaken. Selection of an expensive outfit and hairstyle, and you can not repeat the past outputs of the stars and to foresee if someone will be dressed the same way this year. In general, problems there are a million and simply not many endure such a life! Let’s look at the photos of the stars that have been really harassed by the media!




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