Fans of Alexander Revva staged a fight on the plane because of the autograph of the star

The actor, singer and comedian Alexander Revva has already ceased to amaze that because of his attention and the general photo, fans are ready to kill each other. After all, now Revva is at the peak of his popularity: he participates in comedy show programs, sings and writes songs, he shot in serials, the last of which will be released on the screen at the end of this month. In the recent flight of the artist on the plane something happened, this he did not expect.

Usually, popular personalities, going out into the light, try to hide their appearance with glasses, hats and scarves. This is exactly what Alexander did when he left Moscow for London. Nevertheless, this did not save him.

Already in the 10th minute after takeoff one of the passengers recognized in a man wearing Arthur Pirozhkov’s glasses, under this pseudonym Alexander performed songs. The woman hurriedly went to Revva to take … (read more)


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