Elena Stepanenko revealed the main secret of her diet

Two months ago, on the eve of her 65th birthday, Elena Stepanenko shook all admirers of the humorous genre with an unexpected transformation. Yevgeniy Petrosyan’s wife became very thin, and, as a result, she even looked younger. As the actress admitted, she managed to lose 46 kilograms. Slimness of the star instantly generated a wave of rumors on the Net – they say, Stepanenko lost her weight on special pills that relieve fat. Someone decided to even cash in on the name of the star and began selling miraculous drugs on the Internet on her behalf. To dispel all the speculation, Elena Grigorievna recorded a video message to slimming women, in which she assured: her slenderness is the result of a change in the diet, and not some miracle pill… (read more)


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