Deadly treasures of the bizarre rich man

Forest Fenn millionaire from the US decided to play in Indiana Jones, when in 2010 he was diagnosed with a disappointing diagnosis. After the rich man heard that he had cancer, the question arose what to do with all his property? Let’s look at the photo! Since he did not have heirs, he decided to bury his belongings as a treasure, so that anyone who wants a daredevil could find it. However, the decision proved premature, the diagnosis was false and the ailment receded. However, the millionaire did not abandon his idea and released an autobiography “Passion of the Chase,” in which he gave several clues about the whereabouts of the treasure. The search for the treasure continues to this day. In pursuit of easy profit, many brave fellows responded to the call of a mischievous millionaire, but, unfortunately, not everyone was lucky… (read more)



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