Angelina Jolie’s eldest son threatens Brad Pitt with a video documentary

Although the wards of Los Angeles and the FBI did not find any crime in the quarrel between Brad Pitt and 15-year-old Maddox, Angelina Jolie’s eldest son does not think so. The first-born actress claims that he has a video clip of his father, which he shot the last few months. Maddox is going to publish defamatory Pitt videos and thereby put an end to the protracted trial of custody. According to sources, the boy is sure: after the compromising material will be published, the guardianship will certainly be handed to Angelina.

– Maddox never releases a phone from his hands, constantly record something, – told the sources of the publication Hollywood Life. Last year, for example, he secretly took off several quarrels between Angelina and Brad, during which Brad really lost control of himself. Maddox is very close to the mother, they have an incredible connection, and he is always on her side, so these records can destroy Brad… (read more)


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