Angelina Jolie proposed to become a bait for a criminal

Five years ago, Angelina Jolie was offered to become a bait for the leader of the Ugandan nationalist group “Lord of the Resistance Army” Joseph Kony, who is accused of kidnapping underage children. In 2012, Jolie and Brad Pitt visited Uganda, then the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo, turned to the actress with an ambiguous proposal – to take part in a special operation and lure a dangerous criminal to dinner. For the first time, Jolie accepted the proposal of the prosecutor. According to the plan, she had to enter into the confidence of Koni, and then penetrate into his house, divert attention and allow the US military forces to arrest Koni. Latelly, Jolie stopped responding to the letters and phone calls of the prosecutor, so the plan was not destined to come to life. Let’s look at the selection of Angelina’s photo, during her visit to Uganda.





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