American woman adopted the son of accidental companion by travel

When Samantha was pregnant, and until the birth of a little less than a month, she left her future baby’s father. On the way to her parents, on the plane, the girl talked with the fellow traveler and poured her soul. Because Samantha did not work and could not provide the child. She decided either to give it to the guy’s parents, or to identify in the shelter. Temples, her fellow traveler, gave the girl her number. Samantha’s contractions began early, and she gave birth three weeks before the appointed time. Suddenly, she called Temple, who after her visit to the hospital. The American liked the baby so much that she decided to adopt him, since she and her husband had no children. Now the boy lives with two mothers, who are happy and happy with his birth. In our photo gallery, you can look at the new family of a boy who almost stayed in the orphanage… (read more)


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