Albina Dzhanabaeva opened the whole truth about the group “VIA GRA”

Albina Dzhanabaeva gained popularity in the Russian show business due to her participation in the group “VIA GRA”. Despite the fact that under this name there is already a new composition of the girl’s band, Albina still performs the past hits of “VIA GRA” with the permission of the producer and composer Konstantin Meladze. In a recent candid interview, Dzhanabaeva told that the fans of the band did not take her for a long time as a band member, although she had already worked for 8 years. Fans remembered and loved Anna Sedokova, even though Albina was represented by Svetlana Loboda… (read more)



Картинки по запросу Анну Седокову, Веру Брежневу и Надежду Мейхер-Грановскую

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