A terribly happy gecko touched social networks

In Japan, there lives a spotted gecko-euplefar named Tomo. In addition, he is the most photogenic lizard you have ever seen. Tomo is always happy and nice. Moreover, he has a toy – a copy of himself. Tomo even knows how to wink. See the photo of this charming animal.
Dove-kamikaze attacked a passenger of roller coaster!
The man decided to bring a little adrenaline into his life and ride with a friend on a roller coaster. When the spectacular attraction had already raised the men to a greater height, a pigeon crashed into the neck of one of the Spanish. See photo below.
A small part of the way the bird overcame the man’s neck, and then flew away.
After that, the passenger “pulled” a smile on his face and continued to imitate unrestrained joy.





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