A healthy brain is found in the head of a 1,000-year-old mummy of a Buddhist monk

The monks of Dinghui Monastery in Yuan, which is located in Hebei Province in the north of China, wished to scan the stored here and revered mummy of Master Tsa Xian. Recently it was even gilded as a sign of the highest respect.

What moved the monks, it is unknown – perhaps curiosity. Like, what’s inside? But doctors readily agreed. Recently – at July 8, 2017 – they brought equipment to the temple and made a mummy computer tomography. Everyone was shocked – doctors, monks, journalists and pilgrims who came to gaze at the research. Tomography revealed that the bones, joints, and teeth of 1000-year-old Tsya Xian as a living one. Unchanged preserved and the brain… (read more)


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