59-year-old actress Michelle Pfeiffer adheres to a strict diet!

59-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer recently returned to the shooting after a long break. And if usually at this age the actresses face a problem in obtaining new roles, then Pfeiffer believes that if you grow old with dignity and accept yourself, it will be easier to live and work.
“Watching how old you are, looking at yourself not in the mirror, but on a huge screen – this can have a very devastating effect on the psyche. However, it is necessary to overcome this “peak of despair”, to descend safely from the opposite side, and it becomes much easier to live on. You can completely change the relationship for the problem. “She looks very young for her age” is an incorrect formulation. Correctly and just like this: “I look great for my age! I should not be young and try to look younger. No more! ”
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