58-year-old Dmitry Dibrov assures that future wives need to “to marry from school age”

58-year-old Dmitry Dibrov gave an interview in which he shared an original view of life. Dibrov met Polina Rewarded when the girl was 17 years old. At the same time, he stresses that the spouse has changed since then.

However, it was Dmitry who raised her. “She was a Rostov girl, sweet, well-bred – she does not say a word about herself, and she is incredibly beautiful, but I did it myself!” – said Dibrov. He admitted that he treats his wife as a daughter. “Look, she’s the same age as my Lada (the heiress who was born in her second marriage)!” The showman reminded. In addition, the presenter told about lonely friends-millionaires, who divorced, being aged. “I say to the bridegrooms: the thing is that pediatrics will have to be studied, since it’s necessary to take the girl right from the school bench until she is clean until the teachers are found …” the 58-year-old showman said… (read more)


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