Rihanna’s fans are shocked by how she got fat

September 15, 2017

Megapopular singer Rihanna continues to delight her numerous fans with beautiful songs. However, they are indignant because the star has ceased to monitor her figure. Not long ago she was a slender girl, but over the past year, she turned into a plus size model. Such a change did not pass the attention of journalists. They tirelessly photographed the singer almost every day. Thanks to their pictures, we can show…


7 Popular Cars With The Most Comfortable Cabin

When purchasing a car, experienced customers pay attention not only to the appearance of the car, but also to the interior and cabin. After all, if the exterior of the machine pleases the eye and is more a matter of taste, then inconvenient salon can be a real problem, especially if the driver spends a lot of time in the car. In our review of the most comfortable cars it is…

February 18, 2017

Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse

Cars are produced in two global steps. First one is in the form of a concept car, and then it comes a production model. But in fact the hero we do not have the most common is X-Klasse. It is not only the first pickup in the history of the brand Mercedes-Benz, but also the founder of the genre of luxury pickups. Presentation of the concept is a special media…

February 16, 2017

10 Fastest Sedans Nowadays

February 15, 2017

If the vehicle has four doors and if it is a sedan, then it is not necessarily intended for everyday measured driving through the city traffic jams. There are a wide variety of sedans, which are represented in the global car market. But most of the cars are not powerful and luxurious. However, fortunately for lovers of luxury flagship cars, the market has quite a good variety of powerful and expensive sedans….