KIA Picanto Hatchback Review

January 31, 2015

This could easily be the most manoeuvrable car around, and with a 7 year warranty this supermini car is the real deal! Kia is a popular brand, and many people give it their brand loyalty, car after car. So what has the Kia Picanto got that keeps owners excited? First and most importantly, the MPG’s are very low. We all want to be able to say that and the Kia…


2014 Kia Rio Hatchback Review

December 8, 2014

This car gives comfortable driving experience, as it comes with adjustable driving seats; to give you prime class comfort on driving seat, though some inquisitors stated that the seats are scrimpy for lower-back support. The dashboard is simple yet elegant. The rear windows lack the clear and wide visibility, because of the voluminous pillars. This car is remarkably spacious. You will get ample space for your shoulder and headroom. You…


2014 KIA Venga MPV Review

October 16, 2014

The performance of the Kia Venga Car is exceptional. This Kia Venga Car includes 89bhp 1.4 liter petrol model engine. And also, Kia Venga Car is addressable with 89bhp 1.4 liter diesel model engine as well. And as well the 123bhp with 6.1 liter petrol engine is addressable with the automatic gearbox. You have different versions with the Kia Venga Car. So, you can select anyone of your wish. The…