New Expedition. Is It Really New?

As the press-service of Ford, the new Expedition has received an updated V-shaped six EcoBoost, the power of which the Americans decided not to disclose. But in our opinion, something radical is necessarily will not expected for this engine: it is the same twin-turbo engine with phase shifters, which was installed on the third generation of redesigned Expedition in 2014. Its capacity previously amounted at 365 horsepower, all-aluminum motor and…

February 14, 2017

The Safest Family Sedan By MotorWeek

The popular US newsmagazine MotorWeek announced The Choice Award 2017 winner in the category of the Best Family Sedan. MotorWeek annually evaluates new cars, SUVs and trucks by parameters such as innovation, the starting price, cost of ownership and reliability. The title of the best car in the sedan for those who move on with the family, earned Ford Fusion (known in Europe as the Mondeo). It declares that the…

February 11, 2017

Rally Season 2019 Begins

Rally Race is one of the most interesting forms of motorsport that requires pilots filigree flying in overcoming treacherous turns. But even great athletes do not achieve success without a good car. That is why we have prepared the best cars for the new 2019 WRC season. The new season of the World Rally Championship kicked off already, so manufacturers introduced new machines, without waiting for the end of the…

February 10, 2017

Iconic Cars Of 20th Century

February 9, 2017

18 years ago there was an exhibition in Las Vegas, where professionals were to define the greatest cars of the 20th century. The list was pretty huge, but only 5 cars have passed to the final. The interesting thing was that “The Vehicle of the Century” included almost all the car companies all over the world. The criteria were very simple. Trade figures did not play any role in determining the best…