7 Popular Cars With The Most Comfortable Cabin

When purchasing a car, experienced customers pay attention not only to the appearance of the car, but also to the interior and cabin. After all, if the exterior of the machine pleases the eye and is more a matter of taste, then inconvenient salon can be a real problem, especially if the driver spends a lot of time in the car. In our review of the most comfortable cars it is…

February 18, 2017

The Game? He Plays No Game

February 11, 2017

Jason Terrell Taylor, better known as rapper The Game, born November 29, 1979 the renowned suburb of Los Angeles, Compton. Nickname “The Game”, the musician was given by his grandmother, citing the fact that the grandson is constantly in the game: from basketball and biking to music and “games” between street gangs. Today The Game is very popular in the USA as a top rap performer. And what do you…


Top 13 Beautiful Cars Of 2018

February 10, 2017

Do not think that we are looking only at the beauty, life has taught us that under the shiny paint and a gorgeous body often wormhole ripens. So we looked at the first appearance, and only then under the hood and on the characteristics. Here are the top 13 cars of 2018 that you will make you do something to buy them. Pretty, powerful, evil, angry,fast and so on, the…


Like To Have Auto Travel? Here Are The Greatest GT Cars

Car class GT is a high-speed cars, usually with 2 or 4-seater coupe body designed for comfortable movement on public roads. Abbreviation GT (Grand Tourism) is also a symbol of a racing class in the automobile competitions. Sometimes these cars can be made on the basis of serial grand tourer, and more – the purely sporting models, but often represent a completely unique design that use of production models only…

February 3, 2017