10 animals that nature has made like celebrities

July 6, 2018

Very often animals resemble people in their behavior. More often, it is a behavioral similarity, but it also happens that representatives of the animal world look like a human being. It is about such animals that represented in our new collection. We suggest you look at photos of very famous personalities who have twins among animals… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (9)


Plastic surgeons refused to operate Alla Pugacheva

May 17, 2018

The famous singer recently celebrated her birthday. At the same time, for her years she looks pretty good. Nevertheless, Alla Borisovna emphasizes that she did not resort to the help of plastic surgeons. Once, a couple of years ago, she went to a Moscow clinic for a consultation, wishing to correct the oval face. However, the surgeon refused to do the surgery, since the Diva has heart problems and bad…


The date of the revitalization of the first person frozen in nitrogen is named

January 18, 2018

Cryonics is a procedure for freezing a dead body. Photo by: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net Frozen bodies of people with low temperatures can be brought back to life in the next ten years, according to the Daily Star. Dennis Kowalski, president of the Michigan Institute of Cryonics, argues that scientists will be able to reanimate one of the frozen corpses in the next decade. In December, Kowalski himself announced his intention to freeze…