What are the things to consider before selling a used car?

There are very few disposing methods left for you when you have lost the interest in your used car. A dealer can surely help you if you want to trade it on a new car. But if you car is title free and clear then you can also have the opportunities to make more money out of it than through the dealership by selling your car via used car market. It’s advisable to do a bit of homework for getting the best possible price for your wheels before placing the ad.

Offer competitive price

Do some research to get knowledge regarding the make, model, mileage and year of your car this will help you in getting its fair market value. Many websites are there that can help in evaluating the competitive price taking its current condition under consideration.

Fix and clean car

Try to maintain the physical appearance of the car as it will help you in attracting more buyers. Wax, wash and clean even add detailing if it fits your budget as this will increase the confidence of potential buyers. It will be better if you can fix the mechanical issues too for getting better price.

Compile up the vehicle and maintenance records

Collect the aftermarket purchase receipts and maintenance records. The details of the scheduled and timely maintenance will make it easily for the buyers to make up his mind and get assured that the car is cared one. Arrange them properly so that you can easily answer all the questions regarding the condition of your vehicle.

Increase visibility for your car

Gone are those days when just placing the “go sale” board was enough for the best selling price. Make the use of social media, free online classified and the car buying websites in which you can give the images of exterior and interior.

Make a deal with DMV

Department of motor vehicle of different states have their own requirements. It will be good if you can document the sale to the DMV too. Provide information like the liability, releasing ownership, accident details if any, to successfully register your car for selling.

Tips on selling a used car

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