Want the van to sell? Make it clean and shiny

Selling a vehicle may seem easy in theory but in reality it is not. It takes some effort to make the vehicle presentable and if it is a car it may take hours. The vehicle should be cleaned inside out to be presented to the potential buyer. You would have a fair chance of getting the price you want for the sale with a clean shiny van than with the old and dirty van.

Follow the instructions given below for cleaning your van

1. The first step is to spray the degreaser over the engine and leave it for five minutes. This will remove the buildup and you can then clean it by water or a damp cloth.

2. Clean the carpets and remove the stains if there are any with fabric stain remover. Shampoo the carpet and vacuum up in the end.

3. Spray all the seats and the floor with the deodorizer as the vehicle retains scent. So if there are any lingering scents, they would be removed by scenting the interior.

4. Clean the van’s exterior with soap and water with the help of a sponge. You should first clean the tires, then rest of the van. Change the water if it gets dirty with clean water and after you have done scrubbing hose the van down and wait for it to dry.

5. You should apply a protective layer of rubber or plastic to the exterior as well as interior.  To the tires, moldings and window seals in the exterior and dashboard and all areas with rubber, plastic or vinyl inside.

6. Make sure that you clean the windows inside out well with a glass cleaner and take special care with windshield. They should be extra clean as the buyer would take notice of the windshields when taking the van for the test drive.

7. Apply the car polish to the exterior of the van with a soft cloth. Let it set for the specified time as per the instructions given by the manufacturer, then remove with another clean cloth.

Some quick tips

Before you start cleaning, start the engine and allow it to warm up for few minutes before shutting off. This helps the electrical system from shorting out by any water that may enter under the wiring seals.

How to wash your van

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