Instructions on how to procure a car salesman license

A car salesman license can be obtained easily but it may differ in different states, but the procedures are fairly similar. Some states only require you to fill a form and pay the fee while others require proper long training classes. You should probably check the requirements with your state to know what the actual procedure is for obtaining a car salesman license in your state. The license is generally valid for a year.

Following are the instructions you can find useful while obtaining the car salesman license:

1. It is better if you find an auto dealership and get yourself hired first. Some application processes need your employment information and it is better if you are already hired in an auto dealership. The involvement of the auto dealership you are working in is also required sometimes. In most cases the auto dealership guides you with the steps to obtain the license.

2. The application for the car salesman license should be filled honestly. This application should be filled through the Motor Vehicles Department and they normally ask about your employment history and criminal convictions of the past if any. Provide all the information truthfully or it may lead to the rejection of your license.

3. Each state has a different application fee for car salesman license so pay the fee of the application accordingly.

4. First you have to pass the written test. You may be required to do training classes after to get the license. You may have to get your fingerprints taken and your background checked before you get the license. You can get your fingerprints taken in a private institution or police station for a small fee. Criminal record can get your license denied. Even driving related offenses like DWIs, DUIs and other minor driving infraction can get your application denied.

Some other useful tips and warnings

Each state has a different procedure for obtaining the car salesman license. It is better if you check with the state for instructions and procedures that are required. Every state has different licensing fees too so check that too.

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