How to sell a used car on your own

There are many ways of selling a car. You can exchange it for another car, you can sell it through an agent or you can sell it by yourself to get the most possible money out of it. You can advertise your car and sell it on your own. To sell the car you should have the title with you so that you can pass it to the new owner after the purchase is complete.

Instructions for selling the car by your own:

1. You should clean your car properly before selling it. The exterior should be scrubbed properly with soap water and sponge and then hosed down. The inside carpets should be cleaned and scented. You can get the desired value of the car by showing a clean and shiny car instead of a dirty and old car.

2. The description of the car should be written up and should include the make, model, colour, year and asking price with the contact information.

3. You can add the description to the classified ads department of your newspaper.

4. You can write up or have the ‘for sale’ sign made and hang it on the window of the car. You don’t have to write the description as the people can already see it. You can just add the contact number and year and model of the car.

5. You can attract a wide variety of buyers if you give the information about your car online. You can log in to or and try selling your car. The newspaper ads would help you attract the local buyers and the online add would attract buyers that love to shop online.

6. You should try parking your car on areas with heavy traffic while you are not driving it. This will make more people to see the ‘for sale’ on the window of the car and be interested. On finding the buyer you should make sure that you have required funds before you give your car away. You should provide a bill of sale, transfer the title and change the registration of the title.

How to sell a used car on your own

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