How to get your new car title

Vehicles title or certificate is needed if you want to sell or buy a car, without it the buying or the selling would be illegal. If your car title is lost then you can request a new one. Only the owners can request a title. You should not purchase a vehicle without a title as you never know it may be stolen or have some serious defects.

Following are the instructions by which you can obtain a new title:

1. You should have your driver’s license and registration number. If you don’t have your registration number then you can use the insurance card that lists your VIN that is your vehicle identification number.

2. You can go to your local motor vehicle office. The division names differ in different states such as license offices and motor vehicles department. To find the nearest office you can visit the states motor vehicle website if you are unsure.

3. You can go to the motor vehicle department and tell them that you would like replace your car title. The representative can bring you forms that are required to fill to get the new title with a small payment.

4. You can ask how much time it would take the title to get to you if you are not provided the title by your state instantly. By paying higher service fee you can make them send you the new title by rush delivery if it is necessary.

5. You can visit your states motor vehicle website. Some motor vehicle websites now allow you to enter the details online like VIN number etc.  You can pay the fees online and the new title would be send to you via mail.

Some tips and warnings

Before ordering your car title you should make sure that your address is correct.

Always keep your title at a safe place in your home. If your car gets stolen and the title is in your car the thieves can easily use it to sell your car. So keep the title at a safe place where you can locate it easily.

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