Safety measures while driving in subzero temperatures

Tips for driving on ice

Driving in a subzero temperature can be quite exhausting as well as dangerous. The driver should make proper arrangements before driving in subzero temperatures like using special gear and devices. You should be prepared for these conditions as it may be unavoidable especially for people living in northern latitudes.

Beating the cold

Preheating is necessary to keep the fluids flowing and viscous through the passages of the engine. Get an engine block heater and plug in oil pan which keeps engine oil from freezing. There are auto starter devices available that start your engine every two hours and run for 15minutes.

The proper fuel

You should buy the proper oil for your car.  Also check the drive belts and fill the steering pump and window washing fluid reservoir.

Check the vehicle thoroughly

You should check the headlights, fog lamps, tail and brake lights etc to be clean. Also check the rear view and side mirrors to be clean. Tune your vehicle and check the battery and carry heavy chains for heavy snow conditions.

Stock up on spare parts

At below freezing conditions many things can go wrong like parts made of rubber and plastic breaking. You should stock up on spare brake and taillight bulbs, headlamps, drive belts, hand pump and spare tire.

Safety for yourself

You should stock up on blankets, jackets, socks, hats, pants, first aid box, tools, flashlight, road flares for your trip. You should also have an extra cell phone that is fully charged and portable GPS in case you get lost and ice scraper.

Precautions while driving

You should always drive at a slow speed as acceleration as well as brakes can cause skidding. Drive smoothly and keep checking for the warning lights and seek assistance at a repair station.

On stops

While stopping for a meal or rest break you should make sure to keep the engine warm by installing a block or oil pan. Inspect the vehicle before you continue your journey again.


In case of breakdown try fixing the problem if it doesn’t get fixed call for assistance and set out safety cones. Keep warm with extra clothing and windows raised.

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