Instructions to help handle the start up and shut down of a Toyota Prius Hybrid

This car is one of the first hybrid vehicle models which were introduced in August 2000 by the American consumer market. While controls, creature comforts and components of this vehicle are similar to the non hybrid vehicles, the confusing part about it is the procedure for starting the vehicle. The first time handlers of this vehicle would face difficulties while operating the Toyota Prius. So the following instructions would guide you through the basic procedure while handling this car.

Instructions while starting up the Toyota Prius

1. You should make sure while sitting in the driver’s seat if the key is placed close to the console and dash areas.

2. To the left corner of the foot well is the parking brake, set it.

3. You should check if the ‘P’ button is placed over the gear selector and is engaged when you press and hold the brake pedal. Make sure that the ‘power button’ that is round shaped is green which is located at the left of the controls of stereo.

4. To start off the drive system of this car you should hit the ‘power’ button.

5. Hold the brake pedal and then wait for the ‘ready’ message to come on the dashboard. To disengage the parking brake you should place the gear selector at the desired place and press the parking brake pedal.

Instructions while shutting down of the Toyota Prius

1. Hold the brake pedal and bring the vehicle to complete stop when you have to shut down.

2. You should put the parking brake and press the ‘p’ button that is placed above the gear selector.

3. Wait for the dash display to turn off when you hit the ‘power switch’.

4. See to it that the ‘power’ switch is not illuminated and make sure to remove your foot from the brakes.

Other tips and warnings to keep in your mind:

During the starting procedure you should never try to hold the accelerator or ‘pump’ it.

All these instructions are to be followed properly and in sequence. It may seem alien in the starting to handle but with time you will become accustomed to it.

Toyota Prius Hybrid car driving tips

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