How does extreme temperature affect your battery?

A car battery works the best at optimum temperatures that is neither hot nor much cold. At 32 degree Fahrenheit most batteries would not freeze but a greater exposure to lower and cold temperatures will greatly affect the performance of the battery. Weather conditions do affect the car battery. The cold and lower temperatures make it hard for the engine to start. The batteries favour warmer climate but not prolonged heat conditions like in desert with hot temperatures for extended period. The batteries like people prefer moderate temperatures.

Fate of battery on weather extremes

The batteries should be bought according to the weather conditions of your region. The batteries when subjected to extreme conditions may act in ways that are not normal. If you do not buy the correct battery according to the weather conditions, it can contract, expand, crack and damage. It is seen in extreme conditions that the batteries even blow.

Affect on the charge of the battery

Temperature plays a great role in the functioning of the battery. The batteries contain chemicals that create electricity. The reactive plates of the battery react with sulfuric acid which gather electric charge and are negative on one side and positive on the other.  The electrons move to the anode i.e. positive side. The warm temperature excites these electrons while the cold suppresses them.

Release of charge

The temperature affects the flow of charge in a battery. If the temperature is cold the movement of electrons is less and if the temperature is warm the movement of electrons is more. Keeping the vehicle in a garage in cold is better idea to keep them warm and allow them to start quickly.

Choosing the appropriate battery

Batteries are available for extreme conditions. You should choose the batteries according to your need. There are batteries that give a cranking amp to begin the vehicle. There is cold cranking amperage rating indicates that while cranking it for a minimum of 30 seconds the battery delivers amperage at zero degrees Fahrenheit. To obtain optimum operation you should choose a battery that is best suited for the climate you live in.

Car battery maintenance

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