Why are the dented frames not good for cars?

In the starting of the automotive era, a vehicle chassis was just taken as skeleton that will support various other components. But now the things are not similar. These days car frames are engineered in a very précised way of high standards as frames plays a crucial role for the making the solid structure on which the rest of the vehicle will build. This is the major reason why the damaged frames are injurious for cars.


This can cause damage in 2 ways: indirect or direct. The direct one hits the impact point. For example, for T boned, direct side damage will be caused to the car and can be easily seen. The indirect ones are subtle. They have remote impact point that is caused by ripple effect that passes through the frame and deforms the surface. The rear-end collisions are the most damage causing ones.

The marketplace

As frame damage can also have minor impact so it allows the commercial and private sellers to sell the vehicles along with the compromising frames. More often many dishonest sellers buy the “write-off” damaged cars of accidents at cheaper prices; after that they prefer selling it hiding the faults rather than fixing it and proclaim that as an undamaged one.

Damage effect

Before introducing their product in the market, the automotive manufacturers need to clear the crash test but it should be carried out fairly. Even a minor error in the perfect shape and alignment of the frame can be very risky. It may hamper the reaction of crumple zones. It may lead to the flattening and deploying of the air bags. Subpar steering and braking behaviour will not be normal. Wheels may pull the car in anonymous direction even at normal speeds and chamber free roads. The hood, trunk and door may not work properly.

Checking frames

Direct frames can’t be easily detected from the naked eyes. Even the specialist businesses find it difficult to determine the actual frame condition. Computerised laser measuring jigs is used for this purpose. Usually they advise you to go for the repairing. But even a well repaired one which was once damaged can never work like a perfectly aligned brand new one.

Man checking car dented frames

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