The procedure to change the car title in Indianapolis, Indiana

According to the Indiana bureau of motor vehicle, those who have purchased a car with the Indiana or a car having the Indiana title, they have to title the car on their name within 31 days of receiving the ownership. Luckily a little effort and time is just required for this work. Learn here in what way you can manage change the car title in Indiana within lesser time.

Things required:

  • Proof of residence that too of Indiana
  • Another proof of the social security number
  • Lastly the used vehicle title.


1. You can easily download the application form of certification of title by visiting the website of Indiana bureau of motor vehicle. Click on the link “application for certificate of title”. Take the print of this document, fill it carefully and bring it to them. other relevant information that will be needed are VIN, your personal details like your contact number, social security number and your address etc. fill all information with care and bring that to BMV

2. Visit your nearest bureau of motor vehicle. Currently in Indianapolis, they are having their office in nine locations.

3. Bring all the documents with you. you will need the vehicle title, residence proof of Indianan it can be your computer generated credit card bill which is having the name and residence address or a bank statement, lastly a the proof of social security number is required that can be your W-2 form or the social security card.

4. Conforming odometer statement will be required which comes along with the certificate of birth.

5. For new car purchase, you also have to bring the proof of sales tax paid and certificate of origin too.

6. For receiving the new title you have to bring and present all these forms and information to the customer service.

Warnings and tips        

For insurance of new title, you may have to pay some fees. Visit the official site of bureau of motor vehicle) to make sure that at the time of service, you are having proper payment.

How to change the car title in Indianapolis, Indiana

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