Process in Arizona to get a bonded title

In Arizona, for each type of transportation, different rules and regulations are applicable for getting the bonded titles. It’s very important to have the passion of the item in use whether it’s a motorcycle, boat, truck or a car.

Automobile title

It’s very crucial to get the bonded title for your truck or any other automotive in Arizona. In case the truck or automotive you have purchased is not having the document of title or you might have lost the document or misplaced them before getting your vehicle registered, or an error in the current title can also be a reason. For having the bonded title, firstly you have to take the vehicle or automotive under your possession. After that only the record check on your vehicle can be done at the office of Arizona motor vehicle department. You might have to pay the MDV inspector for inspecting your vehicle and also get the lien settle from all the lien holders if any of them exist. After all this, you next step in order to get the bonded title is to approach the bonding insurance company and get the bond for your vehicle after paying all the relevant fees for the whole procedure.

Boat title

For this you have to contact the Arizona game and fish department for getting information regarding their bating ownership rules and regulations. In Arizona for boats only registration are provided not the bonded titles. Those who are not having the registration need to give the bill of the sales in order to get their boat registered.

Trailer title

Except the emission testing the remaining procedure of getting the bonded title is much similar to that of any other vehicle. As the boats are under AZGFD purview, therefore all kinds of trailers are included for boats underlies in the purview of the MVD.

Motorcycle title

The requirement for getting the bonded title for motorcycle is similar as getting the one for automobiles. Make a visit to the MDV office and get the bonded title for your motorcycle.

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