Method to clear the REVS

In Australia while purchasing the car, the clearance certificate of REVS is provided that guarantees that no banks, shops, registered owners or any other interested parties have issues against the car. The register of encumbered vehicle services or what we call REVS stores the database of car along with the interest against them. In Australia, a REVS clearance certificate is having same value as the clear title one in United States. If you want to clear the REVS certificate against your vehicle, you have to clear the issues in opposition of your car or they might be able to consider it as a default and can claim for repossession.

Things required:

  • Engine number will be required
  • VIN or Vehicle identification number is also very essential for the REVS process.
  • The registration number in case you have already registered the vehicle.


1. Collect the VIN, engine number and the registration number in case you have already registered your vehicle in Australia. These numbers will be helpful in making the search for the vehicle and conducting the REVS.

2. Make a call to the Australian government’s REVS call centre. For this dial 011 that will make you exit the U.S lines and then follow it by the call centre no that is 61734050970 to make the call. You can call any time between 8 am to 6 pm local time that is +10 hour UTC from Monday to Friday. No online option available to go for searching the REVS.

3. You have to tell the numbers required along with your private contact details including mailing address and fax number on which they will send your REVS information.

4. A processing fee is applied. For receiving the REVS certificate through fax, you have to pay $17.60 dollars (Australian) whereas for the non-international postal delivery, you have to pay $13.20 dollars (Australian). The international delivery fee varies with the locations.

5. For lien holders, check out the REVS certificate. If any, they contact them to settle down the debts and to achieve the clear REVS certificate and getting a safe and secured vehicle.

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