2014 Vauxhall Agila Hatchback Review

Very practical for a small car and it has lots of personality. The cabin is laid out well and spacious.  There is a warranty for life and it is decent to drive. Pricey when compared against the Suzuki Splash and some of the interior plastics are cheap looking. Other rivals are equipped better for the price.

Two engines are available, the 1.2-litre four-cylinder, and the 1.0-litre three-cylinder. Both are petrol and come from Suzuki. For driving on the motorway, the 1.2 is a bit more flexible, but the 1.0 is just fun to drive. Models that have the smaller engine are pinned with the Ecoflex badge, showing that they are very good on emissions and economy.

The roughest roads can get bumpy, but overall, the Agila has a smooth ride that is composed and calm. It handles well and is a joy to drive, with a finesse level unexpected in this class of vehicle.

The smaller engines need to be worked hard occasionally which can get noisy. However, engine noise is not above average and is not annoying. There is very little wind and road noise, and the car is simple to drive with smooth controls.

Pricey when compared to the Splash, average daily running costs will be small but resale values are nothing to talk about. The lifetime warranty gives added reassurance, even though it is limited to 100,000km.

A dash top textured finish as well as controls and switches with brighter highlights seem to make the interior look smart. Mechanical reliability is almost guaranteed since it is made by Suzuki.

The Vauxhall does not come standard with stability control and it only has four airbags. Except for the basic Expression version, all models come with remote locking and deadlocks.

Most people can be comfortable with the amount of steering and seat adjustments available. The controls are easy to use and positioned logically. The rev-counter is inconvenient on models that have it, and visibility is made difficult during reversing or turning thanks to the thick pillars.

There is plenty of space and although the boot is small, it has room for more than you would think. For extra space, the rear seats fold down, except in the base model. Some models also have extra space that is contained below the floor of the boot.

Basically only adequate with included features, you won’t even get air-con unless you get S trim models and you will pay a hefty price to get it.

Vauxhall Agila Hatchback blue car Vauxhall Agila Hatchback gray car Vauxhall Agila Hatchback red car front seats Vauxhall Agila Hatchback red car interior Vauxhall Agila Hatchback red car photo Vauxhall Agila Hatchback red car rear view Vauxhall Agila Hatchback red car side view Vauxhall Agila Hatchback red car Vauxhall Agila Hatchback side view

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