2014 Suzuki SX4 Review

SX4 is a pronounced commingles, of 4×4, SUV and Supermini; it was looked at in the year 2006 i.e. the year of its launch. In fact this was introduced, to strengthen the alteration of image of Suzuki in Europe, created by the Swift. Secondly it made a partnership, with the Fiat, which projected to sell the SX4 ion rearranged form and with the standard 4×4 base.

Let’s have a look at the design

This car has a meaningful tipped forward, four square, which is ready for action packed posture. Chassis of the car is made, with light weighted monocoque, but it s more than capable, to endow the needed stability and rigidity altogether. It has 10.6m of dense turning circle. It also has attractive and highly utile front and tail lights, which can assist you, in getting the clear vision quite well, even in the extremely adverse climate.


Cabin is well designed, but the front vision gets restricted, due to thick A-pillars, at the central console you will get the stereo control and multi-switch hearer as well. Steering is poised at ideal height and reach, therefore, it will suit almost every demo, who is about to drive this car. Ahead of the driver, you will also get the 3 dial binnacles. Materials used are of top notch quality, to endow the interior a matchless look all in all. 4 Demos can get sufficient legroom inside, but there is lack of enough shoulder and elbow room. Boot space is not that much convincing, as it has capacity of 270 liters only, though rear seats can get folded to enhance the boot space. The third seat passenger can feel the uneasiness due to the transmission tunnel.

On-road performance

Here you do not have many options to pick, as you get 1.6 liters petrol engine and 2.0 liters diesel engine. Same capacity engine was replaced in 2010 by the 1.6 liters petrol engine, and this particular engine produces 118bhp and 115lb ft of torque, this engine is able to provide you the needed power and comfort on roads, without a doubt. The Euro V-compliant 2.0 liters DDiS engine produces 133bhp and 236 lb ft torque, it reaches 0-62 in 11.2 seconds, which will not please the speed lovers, though the petrol engine takes 10.7 seconds to reach the same benchmark.

It is up to you which engine you will prefer, both the engine are decent performers, and can bestow you a comfy ride with good fuel economy as well.

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